The service provides a great way for Rovers' fans that can't make it to the match to still be involved

In the second-half of last season, Raith Rovers introduced their online audio commentary service Raith Rovers Abroad. It proved a hit with fans that had moved away from the Lang Toun but still want to feel part of the action.

There are a surprising number of ex-pats around the World that still keep up with the club – and many of them have been telling their stories over the summer in the Furth O’ Fife Fans series that ran on the website (including: California, Barcelona, Sydney and New York).

One fan's devotion made it into the Daily Mail!
One fan's devotion made it into the Daily Mail!

But it’s not just foreign fans that can join in. Although initially envisaged as a service for fans outside the UK – hence the name – the rights agreement that was eventually reached allows us to broadcast to everywhere. That means that fans elsewhere in Scotland, or down south, who can’t make it to the game for whatever reason, can still make it to Stark’s Park. It makes RRA the second-best place to be on matchday.

Each game, commentators Davie Hancock and Brian Laing take you through every minute of the action. Meanwhile, Neil Ingebrigtsen – who built the site – is on hand to deal with any technical issues that crop up.

The trial at the end of last season was a success, and the team are now ready for the year ahead – starting with the game against Hamilton tomorrow.

The feedback from fans has been overwhelmingly positive, and some of the suggestions have already been taken on board to develop the service further.

As well as the commentaries, two new bonuses are being added for subscribers this year. Firstly, there will be 3 interactive sessions over the season – where members can hear from and quiz the management team. The first will take place later this month. Secondly, an extract from the official matchday programme will be provided as a pdf download. Both of these will only be available to season-pass subscribers.

That means that you get…

  • Live commentaries of all home league matches, and at least 10 away matches
  • Live scoreline and text updates to accompany the audio
  • Text chat with other Rovers Abroad members
  • 3 Interactive mid-week sessions with management*
  • Matchday programme extracts*

*Only for season-pass subscribers

The new pricing has been set at a level that make the service financially viable while also putting some money into the club. Prices are £100 for the season-pass, and £4 for a single match.

Brian, Davie and Neil

For the next few days, an early-bird discount will be in place for the RRA season pass – taking the price down to £79. That means that for less than a third of the price of a season ticket at Stark’s Park, you can get access to the live commentaries for 28+ games, the live sessions with some of the key people at the club, and the programme extract to accompany the matches.

The team would like to thank all of those who subscribed and supported the service last season.

You can subscribe now at

“I cannot think of anything better than joining you guys on a Saturday for a wee game of football… you guys have made the fans listening feel like they are with you at the match.” Carol in Barcelona.

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