The changes around Stark’s Park this summer have not been confined to the management team and playing staff. There have also been big changes off the field with the South Stand having received a makeover during the close season. The club, with the help of the Raith Supporters Trust and other fan groups and contributors has successfully undertaken a project to reflect the history of Raith Rovers around the ground. A series of large boards have been placed around the South Stand which celebrates the club’s greatest moments. These are complemented by a selection of smaller, player posters reflecting just what it means to be part of the Raith Rovers family. The posters were seen by fans for the first time at the match versus Celtic.

Ali More, who helped co-ordinate the work, explains how the project came about. “A number of us had been to the terrific Hall of Fame events which give you a great sense of the history of the club and makes you proud to be a Raith Rovers fan. We wanted to reflect that feeling on a match day for supporters. We consulted a number of fans and decided on six key moments in history that reflect Raith Rovers. The hardest part was sourcing high quality images, especially older photos, which had to be scaled so large and also deciding what to leave out but we hope that the six chosen reflect moments in the club’s history which mean a lot to fans.”

The six moments reflected include the recent Challenge Cup win, the 1994 League Cup win as well as the club’s British goal-scoring record and highest ever league finish. They are not just confined to on the field achievements with the sacrifice of the players who enlisted in the McCrae’s Battalion also recognised.

The club worked with Frame, a professional design agency to ensure that the posters were visually striking, timeless and reflected the impressive history of the club under the theme ‘A proud history since 1883.’ We are sure that you’ll agree that the displays are a welcome addition to the South Stand concourse and a great reminder of our proud past.

A number of contributors were invaluable in making this project a reality and a thank you goes to Steven Lawther, Bill Gilby, Neil Ingebrigsten, Dave Wann, Andy Mills, Cammy Clark, Phil Nicholson, John Greer, Eric Swinley, Gavin Quinn, Craig Surgeon, Tony Coventry, Tony Fimister, 200 Club, Exiles on Pratt Street, Rovers Down South, Raith Rovers Supporters Club, Jim McMillan Club and The Supporters Trust. Thanks also to the Sign Company, Red Circle Communications and Frame.

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