Our Scottish Cup fixture will be one of our highest attendance games in recent years, so we ask all fans to help us make sure it is an enjoyable day for everyone. The following information should be noted:


The main Ticket Office at Stark’s Park (on the side of the Turnbull Hutton/Main Stand) will be open on Saturday between 11am up until kick-off to allow the home fans to purchase and collect tickets. Tickets must be purchased before approaching the turnstiles (no cash accepted at turnstiles).

Over 3,000 home tickets have been sold for the Penman Family (South) and Turnbull Hutton (Main) Stands and ticket sales will continue on match day so we ask all fans to arrive early to avoid heavy queuing at the turnstiles, which will open at 1.45pm.

All supporters are reminded that the tickets are sold for allocated seating only. You must sit in the seat assigned to you, which is printed on your ticket. Speak to a steward if you have any issues.


The plan of the stadium is available on the website here. If you are not familiar with the stadium, you are encouraged to view that before arrival.

There will be 5 turnstiles in operation, identified as L,N,O,P and Q, with Q being nearest to Pratt Street. The Disabled Access gate for disabled guests who cannot or would prefer not to use the turnstiles, is situated adjacent to turnstile Q at Pratt Street. Additional signage is in place outside and inside the turnstiles to allow fans to reach their seats quickly.

Turnstile L  allows access to seats      1 to 35

Turnstile N allows access to seats      36 – 60

Turnstile O allows access to seats      61 – 85

Turnstile P allows access to seats      86 – 110

Turnstile Q allows access to seats     111 – 120

If Dunfermline Athletic return any tickets, they will be sold from the ticket POD at the McDermid Stand from 1.30pm with turnstiles open at 1.45pm

Supporters are reminded that there will be a collection for Kirkcaldy Foodbank outside the stadium and we would ask you support this very worthy cause.

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