Voting for the position of Supporter-nominated Director closed at 10pm on Friday 26th February 2016, and the results have been counted and verified:


Election Result

The candidates received the following number of votes:

  • Gordon Adamson              180 (equivalent to 51.28% of votes cast)


  • Alan Russell                      168 (equivalent to 47.86% of votes cast)


  • There were 3 Spoilt Ballots (0.85% of votes cast)


Accordingly, Gordon Adamson has been appointed to the board of the football club’s holding company, New Raith Rovers.


The Role

The successful candidate will be appointed to the board of the football club’s holding company, New Raith Rovers. It may also lead to the person being appointed to the board of the football club. The position exists because of the ongoing collective investment that fans make through their supporters’ organisations.



There was a total electorate eligible to vote (on a one person, one vote basis) of 1100 people, made up of adult members of the Raith Forum of Supporters Groups plus Raith Rovers adult season ticket holders:

806 voters were eligible to vote online

294 voters were eligible to vote by post



Total turnout for the election numbered 351, equivalent to 31.91% of the total electorate.

226 votes were cast online (equivalent to 28.04% of the online electorate)

125 votes were cast by post (equivalent to 42.52% of the postal electorate)

There were 3 spoiled ballots, equivalent to 0.85% of the total electorate.



Secretary of the Raith Trust – James Proctor – said “I’d like to place on record my congratulations to Gordon Adamson on winning the election to become the latest Supporter – Director of Raith Rovers. I look forward to him continuing the good work done by his predecessors Dave Wann, Tom Phillips, Alex Condie and Ali More.

Throughout the election process Gordon and his rival for the role, Alan Russell, presented themselves very well, particularly at the hustings event where they outlined their ideas on how the role should be carried out and conducted themselves in a manner befitting the role of Supporter – Director”

Additionally, the record turnout in this election demonstrated that supporters have a part to play in shaping the future of their football club”

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