With Red Zones being lifted and a resemblance of some normality returning on matchday around Stark’s Park once again, we look forward to hosting “Retro Rovers” day again this season for the visit of Arbroath on Saturday 16th October.

Previous seasons have seen a wide variety of classic Rovers tops on show and we look forward to seeing even more this year!

This is a brilliant chance for everyone to dig out your favourite Rovers top from yesteryear and wear it to the match.

There are so many crackers to choose from, it will be hard to decide which one to wear (or maybe which one fits best?)!

Anyone who wears a retro top to the match, if spotted by one of our eagle – eyed volunteers, will receive a raffle ticket to our FREE half-time draw.

One of our official club photographers will be on hand to capture as many pictures as possible, and we’ll have a variety of great tops on display in the Penman Family Stand concourse.

There are “guess the year” posters up too; see how many you can get correct… and how many you still have in your wardrobe!

Stadium Announcer Jim Clark has also put together a cracking Retro Playlist which we will share later in the week with tunes linked to events in our past.

Get down for some Retro Rovers this Saturday, 3pm Kick off.

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