The 6th annual Raith trust Quiz took place on Thursday evening in the Raith Suite.

The night was a Roaring success, raising over £500 that will go towards the Trust’s annual donation to the coffers of the football club.

A capacity crowd of 60 contestants included Julian Broddle (who did a short Q&A hosted by RaithTV’s Davie Hancock), RRFC Directors (Val McDermid & Tom Morgan), Craig Easton & 4 of the players, Rovers stadium staff and RaithTV as well as representation from many of the RRFC supporters groups

Quizmaster and Trust Board member Steve Wallace put the 14 teams through their paces over 10 rounds with topics ranging from General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Music and Literature as well as the ever popular (with some teams) Career Path round.

Wooden Spoon winners, “Kazia’s Cosy Crew”, received the coveted Jim Leishman trophy.

Quiz winners “Anti Social Media” (the RaithTV and Website team) took the prestigious trophy home but donated their £50 winners prize to the Player Development Fund.

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