Raith Trust AGM

The Raith Supporters Trust AGM will be held later this month:

Monday 28th May from 6.30pm to 7.30pm in the Raith Suite, Stark’s Park

Alongside the usual agenda items for the AGM, including approval of accounts for the year ended 30/6/17, 2 current Board members will be stepping down

We are looking for Trust members who wish to stand for election in their place. New faces and fresh ideas on the Trust Board are always welcome, and we would encourage any Trust member with an interest in becoming more involved in the Trust to contact Trust Chairman Alan Russell (chairman@raithtrust.org.uk) by email, at the AGM or at any point in the future.

Election Hustings

Immediately after the AGM, the Election Hustings for the new Raith Rovers Supporter-Director will take place from 7.30pm, where the 4 candidates will make their personal statements and field questions from any Rovers supporter in attendance on the night.

The Hustings event is open to all Rovers supporters, to give them a chance of meeting the candidates and putting questions to them about various aspects of the Supporter-Director role if elected.

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