Raith Forum “Brainstorm” – Sunday 14 October, 2.00 – 5.00 pm, 200 Club, Stark’s Park

The Raith Forum has a special meeting on Sunday 14 October. The aim is to develop a plan to give life to the Forum’s objectives:

  • Support the elected supporter/director during his/her term of office with a planned set of activities
  • Foster effective 2-way communication between the board and supporters, including the provision of information from the Forum to members of the various groups and their members
  • Coordinate and support crowd development initiatives and fundraising for the benefit of the club and its supporters
  • Play a leading role in the recruitment and management of volunteers in projects to support the club
  • Maintain a significant supporter financial stake in the ownership of the club

Much of the discussion will take place in working groups covering:

  • a 3 year plan
  • Teenage Years project – the bridge from the Roary Club to young adulthood
  • the Supporter stake in the Club
  • Crowdfunding (for the supporter stake)
  • Volunteering
  • Communications

The Forum wants to broaden the discussion out beyond its own membership so if you feel you could contribute to such an initiative, please contact billgilby@gmail.com Obviously there’s only a limited number of spaces, so please register your interest in advance.

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