Project Inspire was launched with the following aims:  To capture and articulate what the ‘Rovers Family’ stands for – its vision, its values and behaviours, and how these could be promoted as a ‘brand’ as part of a wider exercise to improve the club’s overall performance.

The project was launched in February 2021 and the project team undertook to complete the ‘Values’ element of the fieldwork and report back by the end of May.  This report summarises the findings from the Values survey conducted between 19th and 28th April 2021.

The survey was undertaken using Survey Monkey and the project team is extremely grateful to Rovers’ volunteer, Steven Lawther, for his expert advice in converting and designing the survey into Survey Monkey format; applying his professional market research analysis techniques, and his support in interpreting and analysing the responses in a meaningful and structured way.  Steven’s high-level feedback is included at Appendix 1 to this report.

The full data drill down can be provided on request to the joint project leads.


The project team recognised from the outset that it was extremely important that this work was ‘owned’ by all members of the ‘Rovers Family’:  the players, former players, backroom staff, office employees, the Board, volunteers, fans, the Community Foundation Trustees, Community Foundation employees, community users, Stark’s Park Property employees, sponsors etc.  Every effort was made to encourage their participation throughout the course of this project.  This included:  Project sponsor video meetings; giving presentations (to the RRFC Board, the RRCF Board, the Raith Forum, non-playing staff, and volunteers); establishing a Reference Group representing the key stakeholders as a main sounding board in piloting and testing draft versions of the survey questionnaires etc; engaging with the Raith Rovers’ social media team in ensuring maximum exposure given to the launch of the survey questionnaire.


The survey was predicated on 5 values developed internally by Raith Rovers and used in presentations, for example at shareholder Annual General Meetings.  The 5 values were Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment and Attitude.  While these values were in place they were not widely communicated or understood.  Also, back around 2011 Raith Rovers had developed a concordat setting out the aims and values of the club, which could also be said had lost impact through not being widely communicated and promoted.  The concordat (included at Appendix 2 (Microsoft Word – Document2 (raithrovers.net)) reflected values such as:  Inclusion, Respect, Community, and Ambition. The club also published a strategy document in 2015 (Club Strategy Document Published | Raith Rovers FC).

The survey asked all respondents to:

  • Say whether they agreed/didn’t agree that these 5 values should be established as the values of the wider Raith Rovers’ Family (Raith Rovers FC, Raith Rovers Community Foundation, Stark’s Park Properties, and Stark’s Park Community Foundation).
  • Explain why they agreed/didn’t agree with each of the 5 values.
  • Take the opportunity to suggest other values and say why.

Information was also gathered on the demographics of the respondents – age, gender, main link to Raith Rovers Family (eg fan, volunteer, season ticket holder, sponsor etc), and length of connection to Raith Rovers.

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