Raith Rovers FC, along with all other football clubs, have a duty to ensure the safety of all fans at our home games. The vast majority of supporters follow rules that are designed to protect everyone.

We do our best to support fans that want to enhance the atmosphere at games – and work to help any fans looking to bring flags and musical instruments. Some activities that small numbers of fans engage in, though, can create significant risks to other supporters, and we have to act on these.

In particular, there has been a recent increase in the use of smoke bombs and pyrotechnics. These are banned at football grounds for very important reasons, and we must take severe action against anyone found to be bringing these devices into the stadium.

The activation of smoke devices and pyrotechnics at recent games have caused problems for the most vulnerable supporters. At one game, these were thrown in the direction of the disabled supporters and ball attendants at the front of the North Stand. While most fans can quickly move out of the way of any devices, some supporters are limited in movement and a device landing in someone’s clothing could cause severe harm. Not all disabilities are visible, and supporters anywhere in the stands with breathing issues may react severely if one lands in their vicinity.

In addition to the safety issues, these devices can (and do) cause damage to the pitch and other equipment, and clubs can also be sanctioned if their fans are shown to be using them.

At our upcoming Scottish Cup fixture, there will be an enhanced security presence, including officers from Police Scotland. Searches will take place on approach to the stadium – with particular focus on alcohol, drugs and pyrotechnics. If a supporter is found in possession of prohibited items, they may be arrested and WILL be refused entry. No refund will be given under these circumstances.

Where possible, the club will seek a football banning order in respect of anyone found in possession of, or activating, any form of pyrotechnic. Regardless of legal procedures, or potential civil action from anyone harmed, a stadium ban will be imposed immediately.

Thank you for keeping the game safe for everyone.

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