This week saw the completion of 2 projects at SP which our regular customers will be unaware of – a new alarm system covering all ground floor areas and a new control board for the PA system.

We’ve mentioned these because of the significant help we have had in financing these projects by receipt of a grant from the Scottish Football Partnership.

The SFP has, since taking over from the old Football Trust in 2001, provided grant assistance to clubs at every level of the game – from kids football right through to the professional game.

RRFC has benefited over the years – most recently 2 years ago, when the SFP provided a grant to enable us to meet the latest safety requirements in the Main Stand. At that time we put in new firedoors, smoke detectors, fire and security alarms covering the first floor areas. At the same time the club received help in the purchase of walkie – talkies which reduced costs on matchday security.


It was our intention to bring the ground floor areas up to standard last year, but this had to be delayed as free cash was somewhat tight. This year, the project was costed up and we again applied for support from the SFP.

At the same time we included the cost of a new control board for our P/A system. Supporters will be aware of the problems we experienced last season culminating in the club having to hire in a loudspeakers to cover-off matchdays. We did significant remedial work on the system over the summer months but despite getting the system up and running, we could not get a maintenance contract with the supplier since the control board was of a vintage that no parts were available and a new board was required – at some significant cost.

This was coupled into a project with the alarm system (phase 2) and the club was again delighted to elicit the support of the SFP – who covered off 75% of the project costs. Without this support we would not have been able to complete both projects at this time.

The Scottish Football Partnership work away quietly supporting clubs at all levels of the game. It is right that our supporters be made aware of the help RRFC has had over the years. It is certainly appreciated by the Board of the club.

Go to the SFP website  to see for yourself the sterling work this body undertakes. More power to their elbow!

Turnbull Hutton, Chairman


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