While progress on finding a new manager continues, the usual close season work is underway behind the scenes at Stark’s. Most importantly – the pitch on which the players will perform when they return.

After last year’s extensive works succeeded in rejuvenating the surface, this summer relatively minor work took place to get the pitch in top condition.

A shock-wave aerator was used to relieve the compaction built up over the season from the hundreds of boots that have hammered it down over the past year. This lets it breathe and improves drainage.

It was then top dressed with 40 tonnes of medium course sands, and finally over-seeded in three different directions with 200KGs of Barenburg Bar 7 grass seed.

With most of the works now done, it’s just a matter of constant watering and monitoring over the coming weeks.

Thanks again to Greentech Sportsturf for carrying out the works.


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