There has been a very positive initial reaction to the Season Ticket Prices announcement by the Club, in particular the introduction of Season Ticket Finance and Student Season Tickets as well as the massive Early Bird Discounts on offer from tomorrow, and the option to buy either a Premium or a Standard ticket.

In addition, recognising the need to attract and retain the next generation of supporters we are continuing to offer a Junior Season Ticket (for Under 16s) at a huge discount to normal walk up price. A youngster can attend a minimum of 20, and up to 28 first team matches PLUS all Development matches for only £50 which is the equivalent of less than 6 matches at normal prices. We have maintained this offer despite the short term cost to the club, because we do want to attract the next generation of supporters. Last season we offered an equivalent ticket (albeit for fewer matches) at £30, and whilst we have had to increase the cost of all season tickets, we are sure that our loyal supporters will understand our position and still feel they are getting great value for money.

As Stadium Announcer and new Supporters’ Representative on the Board Gordon Adamson says, “Let’s get right behind the Rovers” when tickets go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday) from 12.30pm to 7.30pm at Stark’s Park.

Fans who are looking to renew their season tickets can also do so on-line here. The Finance Application Form can be downloaded to be filled in manually and posted, or fans can apply online here.

Anyone wishing to purchase a season ticket for seats 92 and above in the Turnbull Hutton Stand should contact the club.

Proof of status for concession tickets:

Over 65’s – New season ticket holders must provide photographic I.D for proof of age which states the date of birth (passport or driving licence)

Under 16’s –   New season ticket holders must provide photographic I.D for proof of age which states the date of birth (passport, Young Scot card, My Fife card). Those born after 01/07/2000 qualify for an under 16 concession ticket.

Students – Fans looking to purchase a new student season ticket must provide valid proof of status for the academic year of 2016/17. Those who will be attending college/university after the summer can purchase their tickets now at the early bird price but will receive their books once proof is shown (ie/ the acceptance letter or matriculation card).

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