Johnston Scott hands the Spirit of Excellence donation over to Lesley Patrick of The Cottage Centre

As part of the effort at the weekend to raise funds and collect Xmas present donations at Stark’s Park for the Cottage Family Centre, the volunteers that organise the Spirits of Excellence events raffled the signed shirt of their sponsored player Sam Stanton shirt for the cause.

Sam’s shirt was won by Rovers hospitality guest Sandra Hepburn and thanks to the generosity of Sandra and many fans like her £400 was raised and handed over to Lesley Patrick at the charity.

Since starting 3 years ago, through their popular tasting events and raffles, Spirits of Excellence has raised over £2,600 for the Rovers as well as £1000 for various charities.

Organiser Johnston Scott said “The next Spirits of Excellence Tasting event will be at 1.30pm on Sunday the 4th December 2022, where we will be sampling some fine Jura Single Malts.

We’ll be raising funds for another local charity, as well as continuing our monthly contribution to the RRFC Supporters Fund which has been in place since January 2022.

Tickets are priced at £15 per adult (the event is open for those aged 18 years and over) and will be on sale at the 200 Club on Saturday, before and after the Scottish Cup tie v Auchinleck Talbot, and they can also be bought by contacting me on 07707 995 237 or by email at

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