As part of the club’s plans to give the fans a greater voice at Raith Rovers, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Raith Rovers Fan Panel.

The purpose of the panel is to provide an opportunity for fans from all demographics and sections of the Raith Rovers support to meet regularly to give their views on what they’d like to see improve at the club and to allow the club the opportunity to run plans and ideas past a representative group of fans.

At Raith Rovers we’re lucky to work with a number of dedicated and supportive fans groups, through the Raith Rovers Fan Forum. The Raith Rovers Fan Panel is in no way a replacement for the forum, rather a further opportunity for fans views to be heard and a way for the club to hear the opinions of a wide range of supporters directly on a regular basis.

In order for this group to be truly representative of all corners of the support, we hope to create a group of fans as diverse as possible in terms of:
• Age
• Gender
• Location
• How often you attend matches
• How long you’ve been a Raith Rovers fan
• Who you attend matches with

The group will be between 16 and 20 people and will meet monthly, with the views gathered in the sessions shared with the board. The group will have the opportunity to shape how the panel will operate and to propose discussing specific topics at future sessions.

Should people be interested in joining the Fans Panel, they should register an interest HERE and fill in a short survey which will help us to ensure we assemble as diverse a panel as possible. If you have any questions ahead of registering then please email



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