The Stark’s Park pitch has already been ripped up, following the last home match of the season. Contractors Greentech moved in on Monday morning and within hours the worn turf had been removed. A second run today has left the pitch ready for seeding tomorrow morning. This process has removed all the thatch material that has accumulated to the extent that it was again affecting drainage in the second half of the season, a problem that would have become worse next season.

Before seeding commences, we will be laying cabling under the pitch that will enable the Raith TV team to further improve its already terrific match coverage production quality.

Stadium Manager Craig Surgeon, together with colleagues Tony Coventry and George Sutherland, will then begin the task of nurturing the new grass to readiness for the next campaign, which is expected to begin in July with 3 home pre-season friendlies against top class opposition.

Early Bird Season Tickets are on sale until 7.00pm today. If you can’t make it in time, watch out for news of the next sales opportunity!!

Look out for a time-lapse film of the pitch being removed later in the week on Raith TV.

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