As we reflect on the season, we are filled with huge gratitude for the continuous efforts and dedication of our volunteers. All of the contributions people have made have been invaluable and we are truly thankful for each and every one of you who have generously given your time to support us.

Our volunteers have been instrumental in various roles:

Cleaning and Painting Stark’s Park: Your hard work has transformed our stadium into a more welcoming and vibrant place for players and fans alike. The efforts of you have ensured that Stark’s Park is a place we can all be proud of.

Installing New Seats: Your work in putting in new seats meant that we could get them on sale as soon as possible for supporters, leaving no empty gaps in the stands. These improvements make a big difference on matchdays.

Delivering Posters to Schools: By spreading the word and delivering posters to local schools, you have helped us engage with the community and inspire the next generation of fans. Every week, you travel across Fife to ensure no school is missed, thank you.

Matchday Assistance: Whether it’s selling or contributing to programmes, 50/50 tickets, or working all hours for RaithTV – your enthusiasm and hard work on matchdays create an exciting and welcoming environment for all who attend. You play such a huge part in making matchdays at Stark’s Park so special.

Office and Shop Support: Your help in our office and club shop has been integral in keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes. When things get busy, you are always there to offer a helping hand. Your contributions do not go unnoticed.

Each of you has played a vital role in our club’s success, and we are incredibly thankful for your dedication and hard work. Your continuous efforts and dedication to this club exemplifies the true essence of community and teamwork, and we could not have achieved so much this season without you.

Thank you all again.

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