Season Tickets – Terms & Conditions

2024/25 Season Card Terms & Conditions

RRFC Season Cards are valid for Raith Rovers (“The Club”) SPFL Home League Games (“the League”) at Stark’s Park (“the Ground”) and to be used by the named individual on the card (“The Holder”) only.

Season Card are not transferable and the season card is valid only for the use of The Holder only. Re-sale or transfer of the card is prohibited without The Clubs written consent. If there is a breach of this condition, The Club may deactivate the card and retain any money paid for it to pay for costs and losses incurred to The Club.

Concessionary season cards are reduced in price by reference to The Holders age as at 1 July 2024. If a season card has been purchased at a discounted price and it comes to The Clubs attention that the age criteria was falsely given then The Club reserve the right to deactivate the season card without recompensating The Holder.

The Club accepts no responsibility for the card being mislaid, lost or stolen. In these circumstances, the Club will issue replacements at their discretion which will involve a fee of £10.

On the purchase of a season card, The Holder will gain entry to every League home match at Stark’s Park within the respective season that the card has been purchased for. For the avoidance of doubt, the card does not entitle The Holder entry to any cup match, friendly match or play off match or when Stark’s Park is being used as a neutral venue.

The date and times of the matches that are included in the purchase of this Card are subject to change. The Club is not required to provide a refund if the date or time of any match is changed, and it is therefore unsuitable to the Holder.

The Club has a strict behavioural policy, in that racial and sectarian abuse will not be tolerated at any time. Repeated use of foul or abusive language will be regarded as verbal assault, and persistent offenders will be ejected. Any breach of the Ground Regulations or The Unacceptable Code of Conduct may result in the Card being deactivated.

Government restrictions

If the season is curtailed due to unforeseen circumstances, or if restrictions imposed by Government or other authorities, the Club would use their discretion to determine how to proceed. These restrictions may include, but not limited to, the prohibition of spectators or limited number of spectators attending a match. The Holder should be aware that the Club will endeavour, but cannot guarantee, to give season card Holder’s access to Raith TV should this circumstance arise.

For help or advice regarding the use of Season Cards, please contact the General Office at Stark’s Park on 01592 263514, or email us at