Josh Kerr – Funeral details
Monday June 22nd 2020

The funeral of Rovers fan Joshua Kerr will take place on Monday 29th June, 11.45am at Kirkcaldy Crematorium.

Joshua Kerr (left) with his younger brother Jamie

Due to the current restrictions, there can only be 8 people at the funeral, with no access to the Crematorium grounds allowed.

To allow as many people as possible to pay their respects to Josh, the hearse will drive slowly from the family home down South Parks Road, Glenrothes at 11.15am on the 29th June for neighbour’s and local friends to pay their respects.

On arrival in Kirkcaldy, the funeral party will walk Josh slowly from Kirkcaldy High School into the crematorium where hopefully more family and friends will line the street for him.

Josh’s mother Angela said “We thank the Rovers fans for all their support in recent weeks. Everyone that ever knew Josh loved him. He was perfect and the man we always knew he would be. We loved him so much.”

Only the funeral party are allowed in the crematorium grounds, due to the current restrictions.

The family of Josh are hoping that Rovers fans that knew him will turn out for his final journey – temporary car parking is available at Kirkcaldy High School.

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