Raith fans can now see the two films which were shown as part of the Hall of Fame night at the Adam Smith Theatre.

Bob Wilson’s video tribute to Alex James, and the short film re-creating the legend behind Rovers formation have been put online at www.fifetoday.,co.uk – the website of the Fife Free Press, one of the organisers of the annual event.

They can be shared on social media by simply clicking on the links.

Former Arsenal and Scotland keeper Wilson made a glowing tribute to James and also remarked on the historic links between the London club and Kirkcaldy.

The short film on how Rovers were formed was shot by the talented youngsters who are based in the new arts hub in The Postings under the direction of Janet Roberston.

Fans can also view a selection of pictures from the night online.

How Raith Rovers were formed:



Bob Wilson’s tribute to Alex James:



Slideshow of pictures from the show:


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