UPDATE, Saturday 9.50am:

The Rovers groundstaff have examined the pitch this morning – it has continued to thaw and is playable, so today’s game is ON.


As you will all have noted, there has been a sustained cold period over the last 7 days or so and whilst we have taken precautionary measures, the Stark’s Park pitch is currently hard.

Our frost covers give us some benefit for an overnight period or two and up to certain temperatures, however these do not give us complete protection over a longer period and certainly can not thaw out an already hardened pitch.

The positive news is that with temperatures scheduled to rise from the remainder of today through tomorrow, we have seen the worst of the weather and the pitch has already started to soften as we anticipated it would.

We will review tomorrow (Saturday) morning but may have to arrange a pitch inspection on Saturday.

We are mindful to give the pitch as long a recovery time as possible, whilst aiming to keep everyone as much notice as possible of a go/ no go decision by the SPFL.

We will provide an update to you tomorrow (Saturday) late morning, where we are still very hopeful to have our match go ahead versus Alloa as scheduled at 3pm.

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