A smoke bomb or flare was let off among the Raith Rovers support during the second half of Saturday’s match against Cowdenbeath.
Whilst supporters of other clubs have engaged in similar activity at our matches, this is the first occasion that such an incident has arisen amongst our own support. Having said that, one Raith Rovers supporter was found in possession of a smoke bomb device at an away fixture last season and that individual received a ban from Stark’s Park for the remaining home fixtures last term.
Possession of flares, smoke  canisters and similar devices in a public place is a criminal offence. Deploying such a device during a match is also both a health and safety risk and potentially disruptive to the match in progress.
The Board of Directors of Raith Rovers would like to take this opportunity to advise supporters that, should an individual either let off or be found to be in possession of such a device at any match involving Raith Rovers, either home or away, a football banning order will be sought where someone is convicted by the Courts. In any event, offenders may expect a lengthy ban from watching Raith Rovers at Stark’s Park.    
Finally, supporters are reminded that all matches at Stark’s Park and most other grounds are closely monitored by CCTV. 
Chairman Turnbull Hutton commented, “This club’s supporters have an excellent reputation for good behaviour. We will not tolerate this being  tarnished and trust that the overwhelming majority of our supporters will back the club’s stance in this matter.”

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