After our Scottish Cup match at the start of the month, we received the following letter from our friends at Deveronvale FC which they have asked us to pass on to fans.

Dear Turnbull,

On behalf of all at Deveronvale FC I would like to express our genuine thanks for the warm hospitality you and your club showed to our Board and fans on Saturday.

Our Board would like to express their thanks for the hospitality and friendliness shown to them throughout the day. We were made to feel welcome guests in your club and I would ask you, please, to convey these thanks to all your staff.

The Board and fans of Deveronvale are particularly pleased with your very kind gesture of sharing the highlights of the game by Raith TV. I have viewed them a few times, each time musing on what might have been!!

Finally, I would like to commend the generous applause your fans accorded our team at the end of a great tie and invite you to intimate this to your fans.

We wish you all the best for your tie against Celtic and for the remainder of your League competition.

Kind regards

Bob McLardy
Deveronvale FC

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