Supporter Liaison Officer Needed

Tuesday February 6th 2024

Join us as volunteer Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) and play a key role in enhancing communication and relationships between our Club and supporters.

Key Responsibilities


  • Be a bridge between the Club and supporters
  • Maintain an ongoing dialogue between the Club and its supporters

Supporters Feedback/Engagement:

  • Inform supporters about relevant decisions made by the Club
  • Collect and present feedback from supporters to the Club


  • Build relationships with supporter groups and counterparts in other clubs
  • Collaborate with relevant authorities to ensure fan safety during matches and events

SLO Activities


  • Build relationships
  • Maintain regular communication with both the Club and fans
  • Attend fans’ meetings and forums

Before Matches:

  • Advise the club on supporter travel arrangements
  • Attend pre-match meetings as requested
  • Communicate with the SLO of the opposing club to exchange information

On Matchday:

  • Communicate relevant information to fans through social media
  • Be present among fans at both home and away matches
  • Encourage positive support for the team

After the Match:

  • Summarize and investigate complaints from fans
  • Provide feedback to the club and fans based on matchday issues

Between Matches:

  • Provide regular updates to supporters and the Club
  • Attend any relevant training and development courses

Apply now to be our Supporter Liaison Officer by emailing

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