Rovers Review Bulletin – Free Download

Friday April 24th 2020

This week’s Rovers Review Bulletin focuses on a review of this most unusual of seasons:
  • John McGlynn takes us through the highs and lows
  • Lewis Vaughan pays tribute to his team mates
  • Andrew Fairlie and James Coutts provide a view from the supporters
  • Bill Clark flags up the new issues ahead
  • Martin Christie reflects on 30 years of the Neeburs o’ Geordie Munro
  • and we cover managerial changes at the Roary Club
Plus a host of the now regular bulletin features – anagrams, quiz, playlist, colour in, guess who, pie hunting………. 32 pages you won’t want to miss!

Thanks to the many fans who’ve contributed to our fundraising drive to see us through the football shutdown. You can see the ways you can still contribute here.

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